Worrying About Global Warming

Worrying About Global Warming

It is no secret to anybody on this planet that we should be worried about the changing forces in nature and the way that we as a society persist in not taking care of our own environment. The effects of such behavior have costs us lots of different spaces, and we’ve not been paying enough attention despite multiple warnings from the scientific community, even if not all of the predictions have come true.

Our natural resources must be taken care of properly, and the melting of polar caps has created a worrying outlook on what we can expect to happen in the near future and on what planet we can expect to leave to future generations, with the colonization of other planets and resources seeming like a vain, empty opportunity and we cannot even fathom to move to another space without learning to take care of our own, even if it’s just for ethical purposes.

Polar Craze Is Here

In early 2019, the US midwest saw what was probably one of its worst winters in recorded history, and this is due, in no small part, to the effects of global warming. The so often called “polar vortex” not only created a resource cost for the city of Chicago in the state of Illinois, but also cost human lives, and that is something that we, as a society, should not be taking lightly, or at least not when there are big enterprises making money out of perpetuating these types of situations for our planets and the cities that we call home. We must learn to protect ourselves before accelerating the coming of another ice age and also learn that we are merely inhabitants of a bigger space that we must honor, as humans are not the only species living in the planet and we cannot allow other species to suffer only for humans to live comfortably and create capital-centric opportunities that will upgrade their finances.

How Much More Can We Actually Allow?

How much can we actually allow ourselves to let happen before we take final, decisive action? It is something we’ve been asking ourselves constantly for almost two decades and the situation is escalating fast enough for us to start worrying about it increasingly. The damage that has been done so far is partially irreversible at this point and whatever action we can take is limited by all the times we haven’t listened to what the planet wanted to warn us about before. Lawmakers, especially in the first world, must take a stance against big corporations threatening to destroy our environment for financial gain and to expose the lies of those who do not believe that global warming exists, even after it has been proven to be a driving force in nature time after time by different fields of scientific communities. It is time we concern ourselves with taking action and providing the best space available for future generations to thrive the way that we have and leave our selfish nature behind.