Staying Clean Whilst Living Green – Part 3

Staying Clean Whilst Living Green – Part 3

Bio D

If you suffer from allergies it can often be an issue purchasing certain cleaning products however Bio D are a brand that specialise in providing hypoallergenic products that won’t harm your skin or (as an added bonus) the environment.


They provide a good range of products that cover everything from washing powder to toilet cleaner but they don’t just draw the line at their substances, Bio D make an effort to make sure their packaging is environmentally friendly too. Their large-scale washing powder is provided in a brown paper bag and you you’re smitten with the stuff you can order in bulk options which reduce both plastic packaging and delivery emissions too.

Mangle & Wringer

Mangle & Wringer are UK based company from the Cotswolds, they create natural cleaning products made using a long-standing recipe. Amazingly they are based on a recipe that was used by Bette Smith, a house keeper who first went into surface way back in 1934. She used her family recipe for soap which had been passed down through generations before it reached her. The result of this recipe is a range of cleaning products that are completely safe and very effective to boot. If that’s not enough the soap formula uses coconut oil which is sourced from a women’s co-operative in Ghana. Other ingredients include sunflower oil, bicarbonate of soda, lemons and other citric acids. All their products are biodegradable, ingredients are obtained from sustainable and renewable sources and they don’t test on animals either. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.


Another British based company, Ecozone offer a huge range of eco-friendly cleaners that cover everything you could possibly need. They aim to rid the home of toxic chemicals and so they are trying to cover all bases. You’ll find everything here, detergents for your washing up bowl, your washing machine, your dishwasher, your floors, windows, ovens, the works. They even cover drain unblockers and coffee machine cleaning too. They also provide unscented alternatives for those who suffer from sensitive skin issues.


Unlike the other brands on the list the Eco-egg is a singular product that offers an environmentally friendly alternative to your usual washing detergent. The ‘egg’ contains completely natural mineral pellets which activate once they come into contact with water, gently removing dirt and giving your clothes a thoroughly good wash. What’s so great about these products is that they aren’t single use items, in fact one egg can be used for over two hundred washes before you need to replace it. Seeing as they contain no chemicals you won’t need to worry about getting irritated skin after washes. This is a great product and even better for those that have to hit the local laundromat in order to get the weeks washing sorted. The Eco-egg is small and easy to carry which means you won’t have to worry about lugging around large or heavy boxes of detergent. Best of all you can pick one up for just over £10 so it won’t even break the bank.