Staying Clean Whilst Living Green – Part 2

Staying Clean Whilst Living Green – Part 2


Unlike the previous companies Greenscents is a brand based online, so though you may not be able to pop down to your local supermarket to pick up their products all you do need is an internet connection which is still handy.

This company focuses on making sustainable and ethical household and laundry products that use specific organic essential oils which are both carefully sourced and are actually certified by the Soil Association. In fact, this is the only brand that is able to boast that accreditation of all the companies on this list. The organic essential oils offer an array of antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that are perfect for cleaning as well as being environmentally friendly. Greenscents use things like lavender and peppermint for their natural antibacterial properties, orange oil as a degreaser and rosemary as it is not just antibacterial but acts as an antiseptic too.


Nu-Eco are another online based company that are offering green products for cleaning around the home and their products range from laundry detergent to dog shampoo and even pond cleaner. All of their products are made to be 100% natural. They are environmentally friendly by design and are made using certain plant extracts that offer antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, similar to those used in the Greenscents products. A real unique selling point for Nu-Eco is that the bottles they use for their products are made to be fully biodegradable, not only that but they are made free from chlorine, paraben, triclosan, SLS and don’t contain any other harsh or toxic chemicals. All this means that these bottles are safe in relation to our planets water courses. Like I say the Nu-Eco range has plenty of options to choose from that cover the home, garden and beyond, one of it’s most notable however is its awesome natural Bleach Powder. It’s a safe and effective alternative that is water soluble and can be added to your wash load to get rid of those particularly persistent stains.


Originally launched by what was once a Unilever developer, Nimble is a relatively new brand that is making an impact on the market. It’s a product that is aimed at parents, providing them with a natural alternative to their cleaning products that provide a gentler safer cleaning experience so they need not worry about their child’s safety. They use plant-based ingredients which use a form of lactic acid in order to get rid of grime, cut through dirt and sticky substances with no trouble at all. Perhaps their most notable product would be their Sticky Stopper. This spray does all this and is perfect for disinfecting surfaces and children’s toys without having to worry about its toxicity. Another great product from Nimble is the Laundry Lover which is perfect for removing tough stains from your washing without using enzymes which can irritate the skin. They now offer a travel size range too each in bottles below 100ml so you can take them abroad with you, staying clean and green wherever you may go.