Staying Clean Whilst Living Green – Part 1

Staying Clean Whilst Living Green – Part 1

It would seem that 2019 is the year of the green, with people all over the world trying to find new ways to make a difference and reduce their carbon footprint on this planet.


The threat of global warming is very real, and though everyone needs to do their part to ensure that we keep this world of ours alive it’s not just us (the consumer) that has to think about the effect we are having on the earth. Big companies need to get behind the movement and make the necessary changes. An area of the market that seems to have seen a huge change this year is the home cleaning section; eco-friendly products are hitting the shops left right and centre. There are companies out there that are making real efforts to make a change, as a bonus they aren’t just thinking of the environment with their products but they’re removing microplastics from their products and refusing to test their products on animals. They aren’t always easy to find but they are out there and they are certainly worth finding. Let’s take a look at a few of these and see what the market has to offer.


Ecover are perhaps one of the best known and easily accessible brands for eco-friendly home cleaning product and having been paving the way for others for years now. The brand offers a wide array of products for multiple purposes around the home, laundry detergents, dishwashing products and washing up liquids are all available for purchase in most supermarkets or online. Ecover are concerned about the overuse of plastics and their effects on the planet’s wildlife. They offer the option of refilling most of their products at their ‘refill stations’, their bottles having the ability to be reused over 50 times over. Just to go one step forward in their efforts to combat the plastic problem, they have even created a limited-edition liquid bottle that has been made using reclaimed plastic from the ocean. Let’s hope this becomes even more normal over the foreseeable future.


Another company that both well known and widely available, Method offer products that are safe to use both in terms of our own health and also in our septic tanks. All of their ingredients are purposely chosen to be readily biodegradable. Method products are also perfect for people who have pets, they won’t cause any health risks when used around your animal or on any surface they might come into contact with which is a major selling point. The company has recently been supporting campaigns to promote second hand clothes and washing less in order to reduce the level of microfibres making their way into our oceans. The company was first set up 19 years ago on the dawn of the new millennium by a couple of roommates named Eric and Adam, eventually after finding success with their products they joined forces with none other than Ecover in the year 2013 in order to propel their cause further. The rest as they say is history.