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Places to Visit Before Global Warming Vanishes Them

Global warming is not only causing devastating effects in the world’s population, it’s also changing the face of the earth, and vanishing some of the most important cultural and natural landscapes of the world. There are some places that are said to be completely gone in just a few decades if things continue the way they are. Take a look at some of the bucket list destinations that will be forever gone in your lifetime:

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Australia is home to the largest coral reef in the entire world. It is so important, it’s actually considered one of the seven wonders of the world. It has 1,500 different species of fish and is home to endangered species, and what’s more it harbors organisms that recycle carbon dioxide. In other words, it plays an integral role in keeping the environment as we know it. Sadly, the rising temperatures of the seas along with coral bleaching due to acid, has been rapidly killing most of the organisms living in the Great Barrier. Today, it’s actually half its original size, and scientists expect it to be gone by 2030.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea draws its waters from the River Jordan which is greatly threatened by climate change. The Jordan River is in one of the most water-poor locations of the entire world, and the rising of averages all over the world, is only making it dry out faster. To further complicate things, the Jordan River is one of the few sources of water a lot of people in the area can count on. But its exploitation has meant that in the last 40 years, the Dead Sea has already sunk 80 feet and is a third of what it used to be. Scientists have estimated that it could completely dry out in as little as 50 years.

The Amazon

The Amazon is the largest rainforest and it comprises at least 40% of South America. It harbors an intensely diverse ecosystem filled with exotic animals, large bodies of water, and even some native tribes that still call the rainforest home. However, one of the key ingredients making this ecosystem work, is rain. The trees and wildlife need constant water, and if dry seasons last anywhere from 5 to 7 months, entire areas could start to die. Right now, thanks to climate change, dry seasons are clocking in barely below that.

The Alps

This world-famous mountain range has been in the bucket list of every skier in the world for ages. Skiers seek it because of its many long slopes (it stretches across eight countries so there’s no shortage). But, every year skiers have less and less time to enjoy themselves. The higher temperatures around the world have contributed to a lot of snowmelt, so the snow season gets shorter and shorter every year. All these destinations are bound to disappear at the pace the world is going. Tragically, as an individual, there’s very little you can do. Even becoming completely sustainable and doing everything you can to decrease your environmental footprint won’t do much if governments and businesses don’t step in soon. All you can do, is visit them before there’s nothing left to see.

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