Organic Foods in The Modern Era

Organic Foods in The Modern Era

Despite living in an age where we’ve been used to eating whatever is handed to us before looking at ingredients and instructions, somehow we’ve managed to create an organic food craze which, for once in our lives, can be made into a fashion statement that is good for our society and for our own health.

Veganism aside, eating organic foods is certainly one of the best ideas we’ve decided to incorporate and promote as a culture. To be certain that it is not only a passing trend, there’s an unbelievable amount of money going into making safer foods and safer environment to process what we eat in our everyday lives.

Corporate Buyouts

An example of what we previously mentioned could definitely be Amazon’s buyout of organic food chain Whole Foods, which, prices aside, is probably one of the biggest competitors and advocates to create an easily accessible and readily informed perspective on consuming healthy foods. From guaranteed care from different farms that go all the way to the extent of limits and stipulations by government laws, to the mass production of personal articles for your home, bathroom and others. Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Sprouts are corporate-run companies that sell to the masses and have taking advantage of the organic food craze to capitalize on what is sure to be an ongoing trend in upcoming years, as we decide what’s best for our health and grow as a society in the fight to treat our planet the way it deserves to be treated.

Rigorous Lawmaking

The complications of creating a safer environment for creation and distribution of the food we bring to our table are still following close behind despite our previously-mentioned efforts, and it is only natural that these type of trends will start informing the thoughts of lawmakers no matter what ideology they share, but rigorous lawmaking is necessary in order to accomplish some of the goals we’ve set for ourselves because production can only go so far, and rigid controls of how artificial hormones are implemented into our everyday lives need to be diminished to their necessary conclusion.

Although the control of processing foods is still needed, we could definitely do without some of the more capital-leaning practices, as we can create a better way of treating the environment in order for us to eat without maximizing capital and sells at the cost of our health. Lawmakers need to understand the need for our society to fully grasp the importance of taking care of our natural resources and we don’t even need to go back to days of yore where processing was far from common. We would only need to move forward with the knowledge and technology that is already in place in order to make our planet a safer place to consume the foods we so desperately crave and need, and one of the best ways to accomplish these goals would be to step down from financial gain purposes and provide what is due to our people and the earth as a whole.