Awesome Eco-Friendly Substitutes for Everyday Products

Awesome Eco-Friendly Substitutes for Everyday Products

Often when going about our day we’ll use a number of products to help make our lives far more convenient that are actually really harmful to our environment. Truthfully, it’s the companies that are pumping these things out by the dozen that should really get their act together and make a difference but there are things we can do ourselves to encourage that and there are a number of companies out there fighting the good fight. Let’s take a look at a few products that we can change in order to start making that difference and hopefully take a step towards changing this world for the better.

Steel Straws

Let’s start with straws. Disposable straws have become the mascot for ocean pollution, these plastic menaces are just a small part of the huge issue of plastics in the ocean but there is nonetheless a problem, specifically for its wildlife. You may have seen some places using paper straws and this is a great start, naturally they are biodegradable so there’s no need to worry about the aftermath however it does require the chopping of trees which is obviously an issue. Why not try instead purchasing a pack of reusable steel straws? They are cheap, available on amazon in four packs, easy to wash and feel far more satisfying than a soggy cylinder of paper. Not to mention they look pretty cool too.

Compostable Cutlery

Plastic doesn’t just limit itself to straws, there are plenty of disposable items that are also made up of it. Disposable cutlery is great for parties or even for your takeaway but often they’re made from plastic and this causes the very same issue. Why not take a look at swapping them out for compostable cutlery? There’s often a worry that this guilt free alternative may break the bank but there are some great deals you can get on these wooden dining sets, check out FirstChoise’s great selection of knives, forks and spoons, there are even great deals for ordering online too.

Silicon Tea Bags

A lot of people drink a lot of tea, it’s a great way to unwind and can be one of the few actually healthy drinks available (depending on your milk and sugar intake) but the drawback is that it can also be a tax on the environment thanks to its disposable bags and packaging. Using tealeaves in a metal strainer is no new thing and though it is better for the environment it certainly isn’t more convenient, in fact they are something of a herculean task to clean out at times. Don’t worry though, someone went and said “I’ve had enough” and invented the reusable silicon tea bag. Simply take your tealeaves, stick them in the bag, seal it shut and hey presto you’re ready to go. The small size may be a problem for some but you can purchase them (again from amazon) in pack of six so you can always fill two up for extra strength.

Extra bonus, these things are so easy to clean!