Greenest Cities in The World

Check out which cities make the list:


The Danish capital has been on every greenest city list for years now.


Iceland is one of the coldest countries in the world, so you’d think keeping all of its people warm would take a lot of energy and result in high carbon dioxide emissions.


In the last years, Singapore has experienced incredible growth and they still make sure they expand in an environmentally responsible way.


Stockholm is so committed to being green, people actually get help from the government to install green spaces in their homes.

When Is Eco-Friendly Not That Eco-Friendly?

So, we decide to be more conscious about the environment. We read, we learn, we make choices. At the end, we modify our lives to sustain an eco-friendlier life. But what if what we think we’re doing and the money we’re investing at keeping our world alive is not actually as helpful as we might […]

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Can Activism Stop Being Annoying?

Let’s face it, environmentalists get a bad rep. We’re seen as annoying, self-righteous, and judgy loudmouths who criticize everyone around us and need to loudly express our beliefs every chance we get. A lot of it is unfair criticism, and yes, it is annoying to always be the butt of the jokes of people who […]

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Places to Visit Before Global Warming Vanishes Them

Global warming is not only causing devastating effects in the world’s population, it’s also changing the face of the earth, and vanishing some of the most important cultural and natural landscapes of the world. There are some places that are said to be completely gone in just a few decades if things continue the way […]

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Let’s Talk Fashion: Sustainable vs. Fast

The fashion industry is responsible for 8% of global climate pollution. Production costs are costly for the environment, but also, the buyer’s behaviour leads to lots of waste and overconsumption. The entire industry and the culture it encourages is just awful for the health of the world. Fast fashion is particularly terrible. Right now, fast […]

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