Greenest Cities in The World

Check out which cities make the list:


The Danish capital has been on every greenest city list for years now.


Iceland is one of the coldest countries in the world, so you’d think keeping all of its people warm would take a lot of energy and result in high carbon dioxide emissions.


In the last years, Singapore has experienced incredible growth and they still make sure they expand in an environmentally responsible way.


Stockholm is so committed to being green, people actually get help from the government to install green spaces in their homes.

Staying Clean Whilst Living Green – Part 3

Bio D If you suffer from allergies it can often be an issue purchasing certain cleaning products however Bio D are a brand that specialise in providing hypoallergenic products that won’t harm your skin or (as an added bonus) the environment.

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Staying Clean Whilst Living Green – Part 2

Greenscents Unlike the previous companies Greenscents is a brand based online, so though you may not be able to pop down to your local supermarket to pick up their products all you do need is an internet connection which is still handy.

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Staying Clean Whilst Living Green – Part 1

It would seem that 2019 is the year of the green, with people all over the world trying to find new ways to make a difference and reduce their carbon footprint on this planet.

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Veganism 101: Reasons to Go Vegan – Part 2

In the first post of this series, we talked about what veganism is about. If you missed it, we talked about how, while vegetarians avoid eating animals, vegans also avoid consuming dairy products, eggs and honey as well as using fur, leather, wool, down or products -as cosmetics or medicines- tested on animals. Now, we’re […]

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